Cy, Maia & Robertááááááá Folk


Folk 1966



Cy, Maia & Robert


On the Scene


Side 1:

A Church is Burning / Two Brothers / The other day / Cannot Keep From Crying / Aziza / Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall

Side 2:

Daddy Roll 'em / Rocking the Cradle / The Water is Wide / Moonshiner / Whoa Back Buck / I've Been on the Road


Cover type I:



Navne i sorte bjŠlker under fotos



Cover type II:



Navne rykket til venstre, samt uden baggrund



Type I: (i type I cover)

Prod. Gustav Winckler & Karl Emil Knudsen i fire linier






Type II: (i type II cover)

Prod.: Gustav Winckler & Karl Emil Knudsen i to linier

Bred kant i vinylen langs ydrekanten af label







Type III

Som type II, men med smal kant i vinylen